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Social.FM is a new social network for music fans who want to shre their playists witht heir friends and make friends who like the same kind of music.

Each user is said to be a Social.FM DJ and he can be followed by their friends and other Social.FM users. If you like music, it is a good way to know new groups and artists because if you follow people who like the same style of music han you, you will know the new groups they listen to, so your music knowledge will become bigger and bigger.

Social.FM client scans your Hd searching for your playlists and allows you to put them in your Social.FM profile o make them known by your followers.

Send messages, organize your playlists, see oher users´ playlists, know what other users are listening, know who has been listening to your playlists or put a link in your MySpace or Facebook. Welcome to the new music social network.
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